The ACESO takes its first orders

International Ambulances

Company Updates

The Team at International Ambulances presented the ACESO at the Emergency Services Show at the NEC.

The state-of-the-art ambulance attracted crowds of people yesterday at the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham, including Members of the Angel Business Club.

"The company confirmed on the day that they had taken their first orders for the incredibly innovative ambulance. However the most important aspect of this design-for-purpose ambulance is that it will undoubtedly save more lives" - Dominic Berger | CEO of Capital Plus Partners

International Ambulances is building an all new emergency ambulance that will be the first ever purpose built global ambulance.

  • The ACESO features a new six wheel active suspension system with no fised real axles. This handles the high payload and provides ample roll capacity to ensure a more secure and comfortable ride for both patients and paramedics.
  • It also reduces the cost of ownership through increased efficiency in transferring engine power to the driveshaft and wheels, significantly lowering emissions and fuel costs.
  • The ACESO is equipped with best in class communications technology solutions that improve the flow of information to and from paramedics and enable the delivery of better mobile healthcare to the community.
  • The ambulances' unique combination of lower fuel consumption, longer service intervals, advanced telematics and simple panel fixing and aftercare programmes, will enable efficient fleet management and maximise vehicle 'up time'.

We look forward to seeing great things from this innovative company in the near future.