Code of conduct

As a member of The Angel Business Club ("the club") you are obliged to act according to the company's ‘Code of Conduct’. If a member were to break these rules, and thus jeopardize the other members and The Angel Business Club’s future, he or she will risk immediate termination. All future income opportunities for this member will be immediately forfeited. During the investigation of a member all accounts of said member will be frozen.


The rules which applies when marketing the company or its product are:

  1. When a member represents The Angel Business Club, professionalism is required. This implies that you stick to the WCF (whole clean and fresh). All communication in writing, when representing the  Club, should be courteous and professional. Behave politely towards everyone you meet. Meaning treat people, the way you yourself would like to be treated.
  2. If you are asked questions that you are not able to answer, ask to come back with an answer once you have checked with relevant sources/management at the Club. It is strictly prohibited to construct ‘truths or facts’ by own judgment, without having cross checked and received validation on ‘truths or facts’ concerning any questions on club or its product.
  3. Use only the information and presentations that are communicated via the Club's website or webinars, or presented at meetings arranged by the company representatives.
  4. To promise guarantees of income or share profits is strictly prohibited.
  5. It is not allowed to call on prospects to buy several smaller memberships instead of selecting a more expensive one.
  6. It is forbidden to advise someone regarding investments in or through The Angel Business Club.
  7. It is forbidden to pretend to be a spokesman for Club.
  8. All materials used by any Member must be approved and verified by the Club and its Administrator – Angel Business Services Ltd.
  9. To enrol members into the Club without the member’s consent is strictly prohibited
  10. As a Member, you are personally responsible to pay any kind of taxes and contributions towards the authority in your country. This also applies to income arising from the sales of shares.
  11. You are expected to treat everyone with respect, sincerity and professionalism.
  12. It is absolutely forbidden to make any kind of adjustments or add information in the informational emails sent out by the company and send these on to prospects or members
  13. It is forbidden to give any unsanctioned promises in the Club's name.
  14. It is forbidden to recruit existing members from other Members' teams.
  15. It is forbidden for one person to hold memberships in various locations. It is forbidden to hold more than one membership in the Club.
  16. It is forbidden to entice members from The Angel Business Club into other organisations. This rule will be viewed separately on each case.
  17. All questions from media, or such as, shall be directed to The Angel Business Club headquarters via email at
  18. It is forbidden to set up third party membership sites promoting the Club, this includes any social media representations. Please note The Club follows strict compliance guidelines and any unauthorized publication of Club content or interpretation of Club content outside the approved environment is strictly prohibited and in some cases against the law.
  19. When you present the Club to potential new members you shall set out disclaimers and risk warnings at the beginning. You can promote the Club but not any specific investments. You should not present any investment opportunity as suitable to anyone. You should not give any investment advice.