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The Angel Business Club is a private members business accelerator community

Angel Business Club provides its members the opportunity to participate in the growth and profit of extraordinary businesses – an opportunity we believe members would not otherwise be able to access.By injecting both human and fiscal capital we strive to propel our client companies growth and success. Our community and collective expertise encompass most business sectors and markets and can be an invaluable asset to growing businesses.


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If you enjoy business and want to participate in the potential growth of the Clubs chosen businesses then join The Angel Business Club and become a real business angel.

Through the Clubs internal business eco system you can get involved in the development and building of exciting companies for your future.


Only 15 remaining Founder Member positions left!

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How do we do it?

Hard work! We are active in all our clients businesses not passive.

We believe our business success is driven by the Clubs management expertise and the collective expertise and experience of our members.

All our clients go through rigorous due diligence and extensive analysis before they are even presented to members ensuring a high level of quality and potential.


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Starting today or expanding your horizons?

Whether your company is taking its first baby steps or it’s in a situation where you need capital for expanding your horizons you might benefit from our integrated and active network of business angels.

We are looking for extraordinary businesses to join our platform designed for growth. Once your company is accepted it will benefit from our unique structure and set-up, which encompass both fiscal and human capital.

Together we will make your company a success story.

Risk Warning

The Angel Business Club is a private members’ club intended for individuals who wish to exchange information and market knowledge about investing and participating in the growth in unquoted businesses, which carry with them a high degree of risk including loss of value, illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution.  

Your membership fee is payment for access to the Services of the Club and should therefore be regarded as an expense. You should only consider becoming a Member if you understand the Club’s business model, have sufficient expertise to understand the risks involved in angel investing and have sufficient financial resources for such investments to represent part of a balanced portfolio.  You are advised to read and consider carefully the Risk Factors set our here before applying for membership.  If you are in any doubt whether you are suitable for membership you should seek the advice of an appropriately qualified financial adviser.

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