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Headline: Could a PILL prevent COVID-19? An oral vaccine that might also protect against coronavirus variants is being developed by an owner of the LA Lakers.

Context: Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong is the Executive Chairman of ImmunityBio, a company which has licensed technology underpinning a COVID-19 vaccine that could be administered orally rather than by injection from UK biotech iosBio.

  • Dr Patrick Soon-Shiong, part-owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, is working to develop an oral COVID-19 vaccine
  • Researchers of the Chan Soon-Shiong Research Institute say all three vaccines  target the spike protein the virus uses to enter cells
  • The new vaccine targets the globe-like shape in the middle of the virus, which the team says is not prone to mutation
  • Additionally, the pill would not just generate neutralizing antibodies but also T cells, which are types of white blood cells that bind to and kill viruses
  • Soon-Shiong's team says the oral vaccine would be faster, cheaper and easier to distribute, as well as provide more long-lasting protection 

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