SmartTrade App: Impressive Results for an outstanding business


Company Updates

SmartTrade App is an award winning UK payment provider, basing their technology 100% on cloud software. Since 2016, the company has had great success. They have focused their strategy on building strong and long term relationships with key industry players, which has ultimately transformed their business and financial results. In just 4 years, their total income has increased by 777%!

"SmartTrade App continue to power forward and are proud to announce that despite a year of full focus on development we've seen another year of strong revenue growth due to new partners and incoming channels.

We expect to go live with our new partners shortly and to continue on the strong path with significant growth in the next two quarters from increased and sponsored marketing efforts and channel acquisition."

Kent Vorland, CEO, SmartTrade App

SmartTrade is an outstanding business within the Prime segment.