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Here’s a list of who to write to.

Your questions are important to us, so we want to provide you with direct access to the right people on our team who can support you.

  • ABC Membership & Support
  • Influencer Partnership
  • Investment Committee: Pitch your business 
  • Press & PR


ABC Membership & Support

Need help with your ABC membership?

Find instant answers or click on the contact icon in the lower-right corner at ABC Help Center. ( or use this email )


Influencer Partnership

Would like to become our affiliate or influencer?

Have other partnership ideas? Angel Business Club  actively is on the lookout for social media personalities and blogs and websites we can partner with in the money management, investment and personal growth space. 
Write to Leslie  at

Accelerate your Business:

Once every quarter, we meet to select among the pitch decks we receive the best companies we will invest in and curate.

Click here to accelerate your business.

Press & PR

For stories, press and PR on any aspect of the Angel Business Club please get in touch with the following:

UK: David Duchemin

France: Emmanuel Coissieux

Germany: David Duchemin


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