SmartTrade – exclusive deal with Perkbox



Massive exposure to 250,000 businesses across UK

SmartTrade App has agreed on exclusive terms (deals) which Perkbox will offer to their businesses who have signed up for the purpose of receiving these kinds of discounts and benefits. The exposure is massive for SmartTrade as Perkbox's reach is roughly 250,000 businesses around the UK.

“Perkbox has previously done highly successful campaigns with mobile card readers, yielding thousands of signups for the payment provider. Nothing as simple, flexible and cost efficient as SmartTrade has ever been offered, so we are more than confident that with the plans we've put together we'll see a significant wave of signups of at least 1,500-2,000 merchants joining the SmartTrade platform.”

As opposed to a general offer, every single one of Perkbox's businesses are actively paying to receive these kinds of offers, thus they are much more likely to engage the SmartTrade App offer than the average lead. 

Great news indeed!