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Dear Members,
The Global Convention that took place last Saturday was a great success!
Below testimonials from some of the attendees:
“Just wanted to show my appreciation for you, Joao, Dominic and the rest of the ABC team for providing us with an informative and enjoyable first global convention. May we prosper together for many years to come”. Andy
"Fantastic day, very interesting to hear about all the companies and meet the other ABC members." Dan
I just wanted to say that this was my first ABC event and I was very impressed with the presentations on the day.  I am now more confident in the companies in which we are able to acquire shares, and intend to invest further. It was also great to meet like-minded investors and network. I will definitely be attending the next event in London. Thanks for a great day”. Tracey
It was wonderful meeting Joao and Dominic (and the other ABC team members) at the convention and feel very excited to be a part of such a wonderful organisation. Looking forward to helping the Club achieve 20,000 members as part of the 2025 vision. Once again, many thanks.” Chris
João, thank you for an amazing day, your team and the CEO’s certainly made the conference a great day and worth more than the £99 to attend. I had conversations with Deon Gerber from Saxon Oil and before dinner, the charismatic Kent Vorland from Smart Trader thanked me for attending and for investing in his company. (I think Kent meant all of the members!) ha!ha!
“It was good to hear Ian Milton from Skinny Tonic Ltd, being humble and very grateful for all the help and assistance he had and still receives from the Club. This was evident when I was talking with Oliver Hutley, the Founder & Chief Operating Officer of TECS, who spoke very highly about his company's association with the club and it’s management.“
“I left the conference thinking what an incredible and special club we are members of and why would anyone want to invest in crowdfunding sites? After all, they are interested in raising money for any business and they are not interested in nurturing those businesses to success. It struck me that the Angel Business Club, the Management, us the investors and the hand-selected companies we invest in are all getting a fabulous deal. What a great formula for everyone's success!” Marc
I'd like to say to begin with what a lovely day I had at the global convention I immediately made friends with everybody and it’s nice to be part of such a group as the ABC. It’s great to mix with the CEO'S and meet you too personally as the CEO of ABC and I thought the presentations including your own throughout the day were fantastic and very transparent. (…) Thanks and I look forward to continuing my membership within the club and meeting with you all at the next event.” Charlie
Many more testimonials on social media too.
The day started promptly with registration running smoothly from 8am until 9am and attendees taking place in the beautiful room of the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, set up with comfortable round tables in cabaret style. Water and glasses, note pads, pens and lots of Skinny Tonics and alcohol free wine were abundantly available.
The morning was fairly intense, with no break, to be able to accommodate a detailed and very informative technical description of the salvage expedition of Britannia’s Gold, by its COO Will Carrier.
It started out with a warm welcome and several announcements for the day by João de Saldanha, CEO of the Angel Business Club, followed by a video welcome from Philip Reid, Chairman of Capital Plus Partners. Dominic Berger, CEO of Capital Plus Partners, continued with a Group Structure & Portfolio Review presentation. João returned with a very compelling presentation about the Club, its vision, its mission and its goals for 2025, followed by Leslie Berton, Marketing Manager of ABC, who introduced the latest marketing developments, changes to the online platform and user experience.
Will Carrier and Britannia’s Gold were up next. The enormous technical challenges were very well explained, as well as the probability of the current wreck having possibly two cargos worth close to one billion dollars’ worth of gold.
Dominic Berger followed with Ridercam, which remains IPO ready. The business is progressing well having raised a further €600,000 and will have 4 rides fully operational and generating revenue in the coming weeks.
The morning ended with the Ambassador’s Awards and the recognition of Members and companies doing a tremendous work for the Club, in the following categories, some being recognised in more than one category:
Team Builders
Gerwyn Duggan
Emmanuel Coissieux
Nathalie Zimmermann
Paul Hardingham
David Duchemin
Soraya Anderson
Gerry Boyer
Kyle Martinez
Darren Power
Jacky Bourreau
Paul Gibson
Graham Laurie
Joanne Hardingham
Chris Miller
Marcelle della Faille
Mats Johansson
Social Media
Olivier Laurent
Aude Echallon
Philippe Riffard
Serge Pique
Paul Gibson
Paul Hardingham
Soraya Anderson
Madjouba Ghani
Marc Aucamp
Harit Joshi
Philippe Germanaz
Aude Echallon
Olivier Laurent
Marylou Amilhac
Paul Hardingham
Social Media Company Supporters
SmartTrade APP
Harlington Wine
Congratulations and very many thanks to all. Outstanding job!
At 1pm lunch break took place with an excellent buffet and much choice, including some delicious sweets.
The afternoon started at 2 pm at a very quick pace with 10 companies giving updates in 20 minute slots.
TECS went first and announced among other things that thanks to their investment in organic growth they have closed their largest contract to date worth half a million pounds per year.
Jerome Harlington was up after with some exciting updates about the House of Zero alcohol free wine and the possibility to have them listed at major retailers in the coming months.
Paul Richards, from Total Environmental Solutions explained the business model and said they are currently waiting on one final contract to be signed to be able to start production.
MyTown, through Dominic Brookman and their Marketing Manager, explained how the platform works and all its potential.
At the last moment, Nigel Clarke, MyCab’s CEO, was unable to attend the event and was replaced by Dominic Berger. The company is growing very well and plans to do an IPO in 2023/2024 after completing a number of strategic acquisitions.
Zoe and Sven Ley ended the first part of the presentations with a brilliant presentation about Rockster and giving away different types of dog treats and meals to attendees. The potential of the US market is absolutely tremendous and they intend to make the most of it with some important acquisitions in Europe that will allow them to retain the bio certifications.
A 30 minutes break took place next to do some networking and get some tea, coffee and biscuits.
The second half of the afternoon presentations went on with Firescape who very generously gave away their outstanding products Spray-safe and Pan-safe to all attendees. The potential of this company is extraordinary!
Deon Gerber was up next talking about Saxon Oil and the potential of this dividend play project.
Kent Vorland and SmartTrade APP followed and explained the full potential of the partnership with Mastercard. Kent believes a trade sale may occur in the next 24 months with a significant multiple.
To end the afternoon, Ian Minton gave an excellent presentation about Skinny Tonic. All in the room had the chance to taste the Indian Tonic and Light Citrus flavours. There are opportunities to explore in America through ASDA and its parent company Walmart, as well as more retailers in the UK where Skinny Tonic wants to focus its attention for the moment.
The event ended with a lovely three course platted dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, lots of photos, networking, drinks and fun in general, with attendees happy and excited and asking for more.
Thank you to all attendees for coming to the event, the vast majority having travelled more than 2 hours to attend, with many coming from countries outside the UK, such as France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Portugal and Germany.
See you at the next Global Convention in June 2020 in London. The exact days will be confirmed in the coming days.
Let’s grow the Club!

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