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Company FAQs

1. Company data & Introduction

The more information you can give us the better we can evaluate your business.

Describe your company and your business idea.
Please give us a short resume on how you started and where you are today. Include milestones you have achieved and what challenges remain.
Tell us more about your Product and/or Service offer. What are the unique features, what do you do better or in what other ways do you differ from your competition (if you have any)?
Where will you and your Company be in 5 to 10 years from now?
Do you have any partners? If you do, how is your partnership structured, who owns what and how do you co-operate?
2. Management

Who is doing what? Please present your key contributors to the success of your company and their respective roles.

Brief introduction of key management and board of directors.
3. Marketplace

Please give us an introduction to your marketplace, where and who and any other conditions you feel is important to highlight.

Describe your target group (demographics), where they live (Geographic’s) and how they meet your product/service (in-real-life, shops etc. or on-line, or other).
What can stop you from succeeding? Competition to strong or new legislation that changes the rules?
What important steps have you taken and what are the major challenges ahead?
Do you already have a plan for a future exit – listing on a stock exchange, merger with another company, or other – you would like to share with us?
4. Financials

To properly review and evaluate your business or idea we need to know as much as possible about your financial status. Please submit budgets, profit & loss statements or other relevant financial documentation. Preferably submit all documents in pdf-format.

You can attach this after the submission, in the next step.

5. Presentations

If you have any presentation material in digital format, we would appreciate if you could submit them as well. Preferably submit all documents in pdf-format.

You can attach this after the submission, in the next step.