About Xcademy Ltd

Xcademy is a unique educational platform teaching subscribers of all ages how to be influencers and grow their network. It’s founders themselves have circa £3.5m+ followers across a number of social platforms. Xcademy selects successful influencers to share their experiences, recommendations and tips to stay focused on providing the best content.  Its business model is mainly based on the revenues from courses they run, a strong marketing strategy, talent management services and campaigns events.

Recently, Xcademy has partnered with high-performance blockchain ecosystem Zilliqa to build a block-chain based influencer economy, allowing content creators to monetise their content and incentivise user engagement by tokenisation.

Oliver Bell, one of the founders, define Xcademy as:

"A gamified influencer development platform teaching its students how to become Youtubers by some of the worlds biggest Youtubers. Also offering E-sports training in Fortnite by some of the worlds best players as well as key life skills not taught in traditional education such as but not limited to: confidence, organisation & having a positive mindset."

Joel Morris (Influencer) adds:

"Xcademy additionally teaches crucial life skills, something schools fail to focus on enough. Engaging kids in this kind of learning at a young age I believe can be pivotal."

“If you want to be a lawyer you go to Law School, if you want to be in the army you go to army training, what about if you want to be a YouTuber...?"

The Model

Xcademy selects successful influencers to share their experiences, recommendations and tips to stay focused on providing the best content.  Paying users are looking forward to gain experience with the use of social media as a result of the constantly renewed courses provided on the platform. It allows them to build a strong and positive mindset to achieve their goals. Xcademy business model is mainly based on the Xcademy Courses revenues, the strong marketing strategy, the talent management services and the campaigns events.

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Gamification of the process

To maximise the sense of achievement and the growth of the users, the whole process has been gamified. The targeted segment could find a way to improvement their skills by evolving in this mindset synergy.

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Online Esport Education

Xcademy also offers online esport education for the ones interested by developing their skills in this area.

The Fortnite professional player BenjyFishy gives courses to Fortnite players on the Xcademy platform.

Targeting: Generation Z

Xcademy remains mainly focused on targeting the Generation Z which represents a huge connected part of the population. Thanks to the +20M followers on the different social media channels of the influencers onboard, the targets can be reached with considerable convenience.

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Youtube and Instagram are two massive social medias that are well known by the affiliated influencers of Xcademy. Their skills in using these social medias are taught in the Xcademy courses.

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Latest News

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  • 2020-12-08

    Xcademy appoints Max Kantelia & Colin Miles as advisors

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  • 2020-04-01

    XCADEMY: Welcome to ABC

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Key People

Joel Morris, AKA: JMX | Founder

YouTuber: 2,500,000 Subscribers  - Instagram: 590k

At 21 years old I have amassed 2,500,000 subscribers on Youtube & 1,500,000+ on other social media platforms. In 2018 I turned my focus to entrepreneurship & discovered my creativity from being a YouTuber & having to think outside the box day in day out translated excellently into business. I have founded / been heavily involved in the start up of some very exciting & innovative companies. My commitment to learning, ambition & the privilege of being around so many successful entrepreneur's at a young age leads me to believe what I have achieved so far is only the start.

Oliver Bell | Founder

Crypto Influencer & Tech Entrepreneur

History of working in the E-commerce industry, founded one of the biggest E-commerce websites for selling in game digital currencies with 1.4m turnover at the age of 19. Got into the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space around 2013, highly experienced in Blockchain investment and consultancy with links to some of the biggest projects in the space. Run a Twitter account with 30,000 active crypto investors and also a Telegram channel with 3,000 investors.

Advisory Board

Matthew Widnall

EA Sports Canada - Security Analyst

Nikita Sachdev

American Entrepreneur, Lifestyle blogger, Founder of Luna Talent Management

Sam Jones

Managing Director of partnerships for online retailer Wish

Lee Parsons

Co-founder of Ditto Music

Leonardo and Louis Lord

Avid gamers, Vloggers, Youtubers, Generation Z