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SmartTrade App’s aim is to become the world's leading App for running a small business and taking customer payments on the move, through world class technology, national and global partnerships and happy merchants.

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United Kingdom

  • Introduction

    The future of running a small company on the move.

    SmartTrade App is a remarkable new mobile app to take credit and debit card payments without an expensive credit card reader, or merchant account. That’s where the magic starts as SmartTrade App handles all the paperless paperwork to run a company, and even integrates into accounting software.

    Using SmartTrade App to take card payments from customers and sort paperwork is much easier than the current alternatives such as iZettle, Square or CardStream as there is no card reader to break, or pair with your phone. Its just an app with no hardware needed to take customer card payments. Also uniquely none of these competitors offer 0% card fees, taking cards over the phone, paperless quotes and syncing with accountancy packages.

    SmartTrade App solves problems of cost effective customer card payments with no card reader needed, and running a totally paperless business on the move, giving a huge efficiency saving for small companies.

    Watch SmartTrade App trailer or a 20 second demo to see how amazing the app is in action.

    Launched in 2015 SmartTrade now has over 1,000+ delighted UK merchants from sole traders to small teams. SmartTrade App serves over twenty five different merchant categories such as Trades, Goods, and Charities including Plumbers, Electricians, Roofers, Carpenters, Beauticians, Private Drivers, IT Service, B&Bs, Fashion Designers, Property Maintenance, Designers and Freelancers to name a few.

    As well as having its own showcase brand SmartTrade is a globally scalable platform for partner apps. Europe's leading Job Lead provider Quotatis, owned by the worlds second largest home improvement group Adeos, chose SmartTrade for its technology and feature set to run its UK app and now has over 900 paying UK active merchants. Quotatis SmartApp has been a huge success with over 2 million jobs served through the app. Most of SmartTrade Apps growth and revenue will come from partners, either reselling, co Branded or white labeled for partners. SmartTrade App is currently in NDA with several national Banks and international corporates.

    SmartTrade is now raising a small round for Sales and Marketing growth program for Q4 this year and Q1/Q2 2017. This money will take SmartTrade to profitability and to a new funding event (IPO or other funding event) in 2017.

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  • Management



    Board member

    Keld van Schreven | CEO, Co-Founder

    Co-Founder of Hard Reality Web Agency in 1995 and sold to Leo Burnett Global 2000 and clients included Disney, Kelloggs, Standard Charter Bank, Morgan Stanley. Spark Idea was the ‘disrupter’ arm of New Media Spark which was the most high profile Internet Incubator on the dotcom boom and included companies such as PriceRunner. Through Spark Ideas Keld help set up the Kobalt Music Group and was the third employee. Kobalt is now valued at $314 million at the last round of financing. Keld cofounder, a leading blogging site in 2007 successfully raised £700,000 and built it to 2 million users. Keld co-founded in 2012 which pivoted into SmartTrade App in 2014 which was seed funded by the respected EC1 Capital.

    Catherine Woolgar | CTO, Co-Founder

    Catherine's focus being on technical quality and innovation, coordinating app programme with developer team, with mission to deliver innovative smart mobile app and other digital media. Prior to SmartTrade App Ltd., she founded two successful software companies Billy Creative and Commoditex, providing software solutions from creative apps to sophisticated commodity trading packages, with latter capitalising on previous career in commodity trading at ABN AMRO and Enron. With extensive array of software skills and commercial background, she has been uniquely positioned to deliver the SmartTrade and third party apps.

    Angela Swift | CFO

    Responsible for funding, financial forecasting and valuations, accounts and tax reporting, investor communications and commercial agreements with API partners. With technical particle physics career in Oxford University and Italy and c. 15 years in Investment Banking at Merrill Lynch, ABN AMRO and latterly Barclays Capital, in variety of strategic, transactional and advisory roles across financial markets and Government and Corporate sectors, Angela is well placed and credible to deliver on financial and strategic direction of company.

    Advisory Board

    Roy Vella

    Roy Vella is hugely respected as an authority on digital money. Ex-Advisor Lloyds Banking Group, Intuit and Visa Europe. 2003-2006 Ex-Director, Business Development US Merchant Services PayPal. Stanford graduate.

    Stephen Hart

    Stephen is ex CFO of WorldPay PLC, the Uks largest card processor with over 50% of the UK card transaction volume and has a market cap of over £6 billion on FTSE. Currently CEO the UK's only price comparison website for credit and debit card processing costs for SME's and mid-market corporates.

    Julian Carter

    Julian is a respected and key 'funder for emergent tech companies from Londons tech hub, Silicon Rounabout in East London. Founding Partner and Managing Director of EC1 Capital Venture Capital & Private Equity investing in Post Seed, Series A Investments in SaaS and Mobile.

    Ross Andrews

    Ross has 30 years’ experience advising companies and management teams on public market transactions, largely in the UK but also in Europe, Australia and Asia. Ross has worked on a range of equity capital matters including many IPOs. Ross was a director and shareholder of Zeus Capital until October 2015, Zeus raised over £1.5 billion in 2015.

  • Market

    There are 5.4 million Small Business owners in the UK (source: FSB), and over 150,000 Trade Service businesses, and also over 100,000 are slightly larger SMEs three employees and upwards (source: SmartTrade App). In Europe and internationally there are tens of millions of small businesses. All of the small businesses struggle with the issue of customer card payments and running a small business effectively on the move.

    Within these SMEs SmartTrade App targets three types of merchant opportunity;

    Sole Traders - also called ‘micro merchants’ examples of these are plumbers, electricians, beauticians, drivers and freelancers to name a few.

    Small Businesses - these are three man teams and up and are looking to grow their businesses. These are trade service companies, repair companies, mobile service companies such as white good repair companies, property maintenance, electrical engineers, estate agents, drivers, plumbing companies to name but a few.

    Enterprise - these are companies with lots of merchants working with a service they provide such as Banks, Loans companies, Job lead providers, or Telecoms companies to name a few.

    National and international Bank and Merchant organisations (such as Quotatis) are looking for mobile payment and SME solutions for their customers and SmartTrade its ontime and ready to disrupt the market. 

    SmartTrade App is seeing strong growth in one of its main Key Performance Indicators namely Debit and Credit cards processed through the app and online Web Dashboard, we see month on month steady growth with a total of £3 million processed and £2.5 million in 2016;


    Small businesses are looking for Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) devices that plug into their smartphones  to take customer card payments and Invoicing software to operate on the move all over the world. SmartTrade App is a software only version of an mPOS device, and these devices are being sought out by SMEs to grow their businesses. SmartTrade App offers much more than a ‘virtual mPOS device’ in an app but mPOS market analysis is highly relevant.

    Smartphone hardware mPOS shipments are expected to keep growing in the next years at a CAGR of 40% between 2013 and 2018, leading to 52.1 million mPOS units to be shipped in 2018 (which equates to roughly half the total number of POS devices to be shipped). The US market has been driven by Square, the company that made the hardware mPOS business take off. (Source: Smart Insights 2014 mPOS report).

    SmartTrade App is just an App and does not have to ship hardware and has an immediate advantage of mPOS terminals in activating merchants. The speed and cost of distribution being reduced to zero. As a societal movement software always replaces hardware over time. ‘Software eats the world’ Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape and VC Andreessen Horowitz.

    The European hardware mPOS market is anticipated to grow at 68% CAGR over 2013-2018. Thanks to the dynamic of the region and the size of the Chinese market will have the fastest growth throughout 2013-2018. In the mid-term, mPOS solutions will become viable solutions for merchants willing to completely replace their traditional POS terminal solutions (older standalone card reader devices).

    Twenty-five smartphone hardware mPOS solutions are currently live across Europe and several key banks have started mPOS pilots with 30 implementation projects set to launch a new Chip and PIN compliant program by autumn this year; the most recent being Barclaycard in the UK. Caroline Drolet, Head of Mobile Point-of- Sale at Visa Europe said: “Small businesses have been traditionally reluctant to embrace card payments but across Europe that is changing. mPOS is the catalyst for that – it’s a solution that dispels many of the convictions previously held and genuinely works for small businesses, if they are accepting payments at their premises, or on the go. As these firms get to grips with the benefits and usability of mPOS we are going to see adoption rise.”

    Versus the smartphone mPOS devices SmartTrade App is ahead of the market and has a much more compelling feature set for smaller growing business including team job and sales management, paperless quotes, invoice and receipts and accounting software integration.

    “SmartTrade App is five years ahead of the competition.”

    Stephen Hart, ex-CFO, Worldpay  (UKs largest card processor £3bill FTSE / 52% of UK market)

    The most attractive countries to SmartTrade would be those combining the highest GDP with the highest m-commerce CAGR therefore our Partner opportunities lie in these countries - USA / Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Australia/ NZ. Growth in Emerging markets will be undertaken on an opportunistic basis.

    SmartTrade App plans to enter new two international markets with reseller or white label partners in 2016/17;

    France -, France’s leading Job Provider for Tradesmen, owned by the Home Advisor Group (Nasdaq: IAC), the worlds largest Home Improvement group.  Currently in NDA for a white label app similar to Quotatis. This is a 12,000 merchants per month opportunity.

    Australia/ New Zealand - Kikka Capital is Australia’s fastest growing online Small business loans company. SmartTrade is currently in NDA with Kikka for a white label / reseller deal and also a trial of a Card/ Loans Product. This is a 25,000 merchants per month opportunity.

    Alongside mPOS there is a growing adoption of Apps and cloud based software to run the small business. Once software like SmartTrade App would have been restricted to larger corporates paying top dollar for bespoke applications. The open source movement, cheap iPhone, Android and cheaper computing (real and virtual) coming together changed all of that. Apps are now ubiquitous for consumers and small business owners.

    “Today’s reality is that technology solutions delivering capabilities on par with the largest enterprise are affordable for even the smallest of businesses,” says Steven Ostrowski of CompTIA, the global trade association for the IT industry. (Source: CompTIA Telegraph Business)

    And a study by SAP found that “SMEs that have embraced digital technology show faster growth than companies that have not.” (Source: SAP, Telegraph Business)

    SmartTrade App provides a complete payments to paperwork app for the small business owner. “Active participation in the digital economy will be essential to survival in the next three to five years.” (Source: SAP, Telegraph Business)


    Market Size Summary

    * In the UK alone est. £100 billion+ UK Trades Industry, including UK Plumbing £17 billion alone

    * 3.9 Million SMEs in UK, 22 mill in EU, 23 mill in US

    * Target SMEs turning over up to 50k pm with 3 employees or more


    Fragmented product market

    * Out of date card reader hardware market and perceived as expensive by merchants

    * Multiple software products needed to run growing mobile company

    * Merchants currently need to pass due diligence to get card reader


    Key Trends Summary

    * Apps are used daily by SMEs

    * MPOS Card readers Compound Annual Growth Rate 30-50% pa

    * Societal shift to digital money e.g. Apple Pay and Contactless (max £30) 


    SmartTrade App has raised £839,000 to date and is now raising funds for Sales and Marketing. SmartTrade App wishes to raise up to £300,000 for working capital on a £7 million valuation.

  • Products/Services

    SmartTrade App has two product offerings;

    Partner Apps 

    Offers a Cobrand and white label service. There are some key unique features of SmartTrade App that make it compelling to partners. An example of this is Quotatis Smart App;

    "Quotatis Smart App is a fantastic new app that gets you more work and gets you paid in just a few taps. Get your Quotatis leads delivered instantly to your phone, so you can make a sale quicker. Take credit and debit card payments on the go, get *0% per card transaction fees by rolling the 2.65% + 20p fee onto the customer bill. Amazingly there’s no need for a card reader or costly merchant account. Turn your iPhone, iPad or Android device into a credit card reader, go paperless and start making your working life easier."


    SmartTrade App own brand

    There are three plans;


    SoleTrader - for the individual business owner or 'prosumer'

    Business - for SMEs of up to 15 members

    Enterprise - for companies 15 members upwards



    SmartTrade has key benefits for SMEs;

    Convenience - SmartTrade App turns your smartphone into a card reader, invoice, quote and job/sales manager. There is no other 100% pure app solution in the UK/ EU market. With no hardware to ship, merchants can be taking payments much quicker with SmartTrade App than normal mobile Point Of Sale (mPOS) products. Teams can scale up quickly without having to deploy expensive mPOS card hardware.

    100% reliable - No Hardware or card reader neede. No expensive Merchant needed. Processes cards every time without the fear of hardware not pairing, or losing the device. No expensive merchant account or lengthy contract.

    Highest level security - PCI Level 1 secure for card payments. Military grade. Card details are never stored on the phone.

    Pricing - Lowest Card Rates; plus unique 0% option. Standard rate is 2.15% + 20p vs 2.75% industry standard, and a very affordable monthly subscription plans Sole Trader, Business and Enterprise.

    Never touch paper again - Payments to accounting software sync to go totally paperless including Quotes, Invoices and Receipts in SmartTrade's end to end paperless solution.

    Three ways to take Cards -

    1. Face to face
    2. Over the telephone
    3. Online by email, called Paylinks

    As a comparison 90% of competitive card reader products do not allow for beyond face to face card payments. WorldPay, UKs largest card processor charges 7.50pm for Paylinks, £7.50pm for cards over the telephone and £50 for card reader hardware and min £6pm for PCI Compliance, which totals to around £20pm. Comparably smartTrade is £9.99 so 50% cheaper than Worldpay.

    Scalable tech - Scales globally across Web, iOS and Android. For the resource SmartTrade Apps development has built an incredible software platform scaling to tens of thousand of merchants and multi currency is already in the app.

    Payment Agnostic - Debit and Credit Cards, cash and other payment methods to follow such as bank to Bank instant payments.

    Multi currency - is already live in the App with GBP, EURO, USD.

    Localisation - is being shipped in Q4 2016/Q1 2017.


    SmartTrade App beats competition - SmartTrade App vs Competitors Rates;



    SmartTrade App beats competition - SmartTrade App vs Competitor Features;


    Merchant Testimonials;

    Excellent App store rating;



  • Milestones

    SmartTrade App has hit some key milestones since its first app was released end 2014;

    • £3million in cards processed through the app
    • Major Uk white label in market with 5+ NDAs with key national and international corporates
    • 1k+active paying merchants
    • 25 different Merchant categories from goods to services to charities (Medecine Sans Frontier, Opernation Smile)
    • £8-9kpm (£25kpm breakeven)
    • High Average card transaction of £220 vs Uk average £47
    • 2 year 50% IRR
    • 4.5 star appstore rating on iTunes/ Google Play
    • No advertising or marketing budget to date
    • We are featured in;


    SmartTrade App is now looking to capitalise on its market position in the UK and leverage its technology, brand and team by selling to new partners and merchants as well as some small scale marketing for its own brand by raising £300,000 for a sales drive for Q4 2016/2017 before a potential funding event (IPO on AIM, London) in the medium term. This money invested will take the company to break even.

    There are a number of potential exits for SmartTrade App:

    1. Trade sell – to a financial institution
    2. Trade sell – to customer (e.g. 3rd party partner)
    3. Initial Public Offer (IPO) such as a listing or quotation on a public market. SmartTrade App already has the support of Novum Securities for a potential AIM listing in the medium term. We have met and discussed a public offering with Cenkos Securities who are keen to help us in this process. Cenkos Securities is a highly respected public market fund raising City machine focused on UK small and mid-cap companies.
  • Key Data

    SmartTrade App through its partners, partners in negotiations and own brand is executing its plan.

    Great growth in Cards (last week in December after Christmas caused dip in Dec);


    Monthly Recurring Revenues (MRR) have grown significantly from Q1-16 from subscription launch and White label app with diversification of income from subscriptions, license fees and transaction fees;MRR

    Monthly Recurring Revenues (MRR) movements demonstrate strong growth and retention;

     Spend Profile /Retained

    1,000+ Active merchants from steady organic sales with high conversion and significant white label on-boarding.


    Average Revenue Per User Example;

    Average Revenue Per Merchant for July SmartTrade App own brand £21 per merchant

    £5 per merchant per month white label (Quotatis);




    Good growth in Jobs Sales for merchants and Amount of merchant Card Payments in 2016 (below);



    SmartTrade has managed costs through product cycle to deliver impressive apps and can now harness sales growth;




    Accelerating Sales, New and International Partners;


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