Skinny Tonic Ltd

Skinny Tonic was born out of the desire to create unique, delicious, all-natural and sugar-free soft drinks made with nothing but the purest ingredients.

Skinny Tonic Ltd

London | United Kingdom

  • Introduction

    Skinny Tonic Ltd was founded by Ian Minton, a type one diabetic. Frustrated at the extremely limited choice of zero sugar products available on the market Ian set about to make his own. In 2016, the childrens drink Frutree was launched. A first to market zero sugar, 100% natural flavoured water. The initial success was phenomenal.

    Skinny Tonic Ltd has since developed a first to market premium, NATURAL, ZERO CALORIE mixer range – Skinny Tonic.

    All over the world consumers shift to healthy, natural & clean beverages

    In the past 18 months there has been a heightened awareness of sugar content in food and drinks, that has led to the UK government implementing a sugar tax on soft drinks as of Apr 2018.

    We want to revolutionize the soft drinks industry by challenging the way things are currently done with a natural sugar-free alternative to the market that doesn't compromise on taste but helps facilitate healthier lifestyles.

    In January 2016, we began with our first conceptual launch of Frutree, a fruit flavoured, sugar free spring water for children. Our aim was to test the product in the market and gain consumer feedback where we have sold an estimated 10 million bottles in the first 18 months through various national retail outlets.

    Following on from the success and rapid growth of the British company Fevertree who are now worth nearly £4.5b, we will launch an exciting range of premium mixers known as Skinny Tonic, - an all natural, zero calorie, zero sugar, slimline alternative.

  • Management

    Ian Minton | Founder - Director - CEO

    Ian, a Type 1 diabetic, started this journey in early 2012 and has been responsible for guiding the company to the current position. Having seen a gap in the market for a sugar-free soft drink, he developed the use of natural sweetener within his drinks to create a stand-alone brand. Ian is dedicated to revolutionising the soft drinks market by bringing healthy, natural alternatives that contain zero sugar and zero artificial sweeteners.

  • Market

    The UK soft drinks market is worth over £15b.

    The global soft drink market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.62% during the period 2017-2021.

    One trend in the market is rise of super-premium drinks. With the growing popularity of premium soft drinks, the demand for super-premium soft drinks is also picking up. Consumers are looking for more authentic and sophisticated beverages. Especially, millennials are taking a greater interest in health drinks and are looking for new ways to enjoy their beverages.

    One driver in the market is premiumization of soft drinks. Premiumization of soft drinks is one of the important factors driving the sales of global soft drinks market. The demand for premium products is increasing in tandem with the flourishing economic conditions. A greater number of consumers are looking for high-quality, authentic, and more sophisticated drink experiences. This has led to an increase in the consumption of mocktails, cocktails, and other mixers. Thus, premiumization has helped to increase the on-trade sales of soft drinks.

  • Products/Services

  • Milestones

    The Board will consider a number of potential exit opportunities for investors. They believe that there are significant growth opportunities and that, as the recent success of Fever-Tree has demonstrated, there is considerable appetite and support amongst investors for a companies in this sector. An exit could be met through an eventual IPO on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. This may be possible even as soon as H2 2020 subject to delivery of the business plan and general stock market conditions.

    The Board also realises that the UK soft drinks market is developing rapidly, in response to the growing concerns over sugar and the sugar tax. The major drinks companies are keen to maintain market share and the HDC products may represent an irresistible method of accelerating their entry in to the zero sugar market. If so, the valuation that HDC may attract from one of the major drinks companies could also provide an exit opportunity.

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