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The future of running a dynamic small business.

Please note that the brand name for SmartTrade App has changed to SimplyPayMe. More information on the change can be found here. The company's legal registered name however, SmartTrade App Ltd, has not changed however we will refer to the company as SimplyPayMe to maintain simplicity.

SimplyPayMe is the 21st century mobile payments solution for SMEs all over the world. They have taken all the card payment methods you're used to seeing in the market, such as face to face, over the phone and via emailed paylinks, and put them all into a simple app which you can download to your smartphone. 

You no longer need a bulky card reader which can break and be forgotten, instead just use your smartphone for everything. SimplyPayMe also features a sophisticated online dashboard, where you will be able to see complete customer and job lists of everyone you've serviced or sold to. On top of that, they help your business go green and paperless by handling everything from their app such as invoicing, quotes and receipts. 

For larger businesses they also have team management capabilities, where you can quickly and easily invite members to take payments on your behalf, while assigning tasks and scheduling jobs with a simple drag and drop calendar. All while remaining in complete control of your team, deciding on who sees what and their level of access. SimplyPayMe lets you get back to doing what you love to do: working with customers. It’s used face to face, in the office, at home, even at foreign trade shows! There is no limit to the level of flexibility offered to small business owners via their payments infrastructure.

What SimplyPayMe do:

  • SimplyPayMe’s (SPM) Platform enables SME’s to take instant payments face to face, over the phone via a web application, by sending paylinks in emails so customers can enter their credit card details remotely or simply record a cash payment for a job.
  • SPM further provides the platform in a modular, white labelled fashion to bank and financial institutions all over the world, for them to better serve their SMEs, where SimplyPayMe managed the entire end-to-end process on behalf of the bank.
  • PM are the first payment provider to introduce MasterCard’s Pay by Bank App in the UK which allows merchants to request direct bank to bank payments.
  • Over 360 different merchant types trading on SimplyPayMe, Including: tradesmen, beauticians, taxi drivers, software companies, B&B’s, driving schools, national franchises and charities.

SimplyPayMe's own brand

The choice between two pricing plans, dependent on business needs:

Smarttrade   plans pricing.png

Invoicing Plus - for the individual business owner or 'prosumer' - 1 User

Teams - Unlimited Users, Unlimited Invoices and Unlimited Payments   

Existing services include:

  • Field Worker Management
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting, graphs and data
  • Quotes
  • Accounting
  • Customer management
  • Card Payments with choice of acquirers
  • Alternative payment methods

New services soon to be available (territory dependent):

  • Invoice loans
  • Instant settlement

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Key People

Kent Vorland | CEO

Started an early career in the Air Force where Vorland got through as one of the 0.7% who made it through the pilot academy. Despite this, Vorland had other ambitions and instead became an instructor at the Officers Academy leading as many as 150 soldiers. Following the military career he moved on to study economics and corporate finance in the US where he received straight A's and high honors which landed him a job on Wall Street directly after graduation. Within a year he was regional manager on the US West Coast with the highest closing % worldwide for the company, The Corporate Presence. Once again ambition drove Vorland to London where he started a consultancy helping people with business development and growth, through which he met SmartTrade App. After almost 2 years of boosting SmartTrade's strategies, switching to a partnership focus, bringing in potential partners like Lloyds Bank he was offered the role of CEO after Keld van Schreven. Since Vorland stepped in, December 2017, with no resources at hand, the card volume has doubled, partners like MasterCard, Wirecard and CardOne Banking have been signed, marketing campaign has been sponsored and growth projections are looking better than ever. 

Gary Prince | Chief Strategy Officer

Gary Prince clocked up 18 years’ experience in mobile commerce prior to being appointed as Chief of Strategy of SimplyPayMe. He has worked across all stages of the product life cycle, from the development of mobile payments to digital transformation, but his passion is user experience.  Gary’s prime objective for SimplyPayMe is the continued development of market-leading, customer-focused services/products for the SME market.

Mark Hinder | Finance Director

As a fellow of the ACCA, Mark qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant while working for “big 4” firm, EY. Mark joined the SimplyPayMe team as Finance Director, bringing with him over 15 years’ experience in a range of industries including offshore wealth management at UBS and as Head of UK Finance for global sports brand Scott Sports. Leading the finance function of an independent Veterinary Hospital, Mark led the successful exit, for a then UK record at a 17.5x EBITDA multiple. Mark’s knowledge and experience will ensure the stability of SimplyPayMe as it enters its next stages.

Michael Brennan | Chairman

Michael started his career in the City working in Equity Capital Markets and spent 15 years in various corporate finance and broking roles and advising the Boards of small and mid-cap companies on all aspects of fundraising, M&A, market access and governance. In 2008 he left the City to join Proximagen Group plc, a listed biotech company with a market cap of £30m, as Head of Corporate Development and was an integral part of the fundraising and transaction team that grew the business which led to it's sale in 2012 for $350m. In 2013 he co-founded BenevolentAI Limited and took up the same role as Head of Corporate Development leading fundraising and transaction capabilities and growing the company into the world's leading AI based drug discovery and development company. Benevolent has raised just under $300m to date and is one of a handful of UK based companies to achieve Unicorn status to date. As well as being Chairman of SimplyPayMe, Michael is a Non-Executive Director of Adarga Limited, an AI analytics software development company, he remains on the Board of Benevolent and maintains several other active advisory positions

Steven Metcalfe | Director

A former stockbroker with more than 30 years’ experience working within the financial industry, Steven Metcalfe has been responsible for the majority of SimplyPayMe’s fundraising activities.
During the course of his career, Steven has helped to raise more than £40m for the companies he’s worked with and as Director, he’s played a pivotal role within the evolution of SimplyPayMe.

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